Maximizing Your Recovery Through Proven Subrogation Strategies

Subrogation claims are an important pathway to recovering losses. Partnering with a trusted legal ally on these claims can go a long way toward protecting your bottom line.

To the extent that your subrogation rights are controlled by statute, you may be required to utilize the services of an attorney in your subrogation efforts. In Texas, examples would be Texas Healthcare Subrogation Act, Chapter 140 Civil Practices and Remedies Code and Texas Worker's Compensation Act, Provision 417.001 of the Labor Code, which mandate the use of attorneys on behalf of the payor. All states have similar acts for some form of subrogation.

At Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, we provide comprehensive nationwide subrogation services for premium-funded health insurance companies, self-funded health plans, Medicaid/Medicare contractors, CHIPS providers, government self-insured pooled programs, county indigent health care plans, property and casualty insurers, self-insured businesses, workers' compensation and disability insurers, and hospitals with medical liens. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, we readily identify potential claims and conduct thorough investigations to evaluate potential third-party liability. Our attorneys then negotiate or litigate these claims to secure full and swift reimbursement.

We have successfully resolved over $200,000,000 of subrogation/third-party liability claims for our clients.


The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services is the only vendor endorsed by the Texas Hospital Association to pursue hospital liens and healthcare subrogation claims.

In today’s highly adversarial health care climate, relying on the support of a reliable and experienced legal team is invaluable. In particular, navigating hospital lien recovery can be a tricky and time-consuming process. For trustworthy counsel to help your team maximize recoveries, THA highly recommends The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services.

The Bratton Firm specializes in hospital lien recovery efforts for trauma facilities. Providing experienced legal allies to handle the process on your hospital’s behalf, Bratton attempts to maximize collection from patients whose injuries were caused by a third party.

THA’s value in our partnership comes with our own experience working alongside the Bratton Firm. During this past legislative session, the Bratton Firm collaborated closely with THA. THA relied on Bratton's counsel during the legislative process, while working on potential hospital lien legislation. The effort exemplified their adroit knowledge and legal acumen as well as their tenacity in the legal environment.

THA recognizes The Bratton Firm as top legal counsel to ensure swift and full recovery on medical liens, making the firm one of a select few officially endorsed by THA to protect and advocate for our member hospitals.

It is without hesitation that I recommend The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services for our members.

Best regards,

Ted Shaw
THA HealthShare

The prosecution of subrogation claims is simply the identification and prosecution of personal injury or property damage claims. This recovery effort should be left to those experienced in doing just that.

Bratton Firm Subrogation Services has more than 30 years of experience prosecuting and defending personal injury/property damage claims. No one understands better the laws and processes surrounding subrogation cases, given the overlap between personal injury and subrogation work.

The Bratton Firm's impressive track record in getting results for subrogation clients is attributed to the firm's experience and insight with personal injury and property damage cases.

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Learn more about how to bolster the success of your subrogation claims by partnering with us. Call 512-477-8772 or contact us online to get started. Based in Austin, Texas, our lawyers partner with local counsel to handle subrogation claims nationwide.


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