Successfully Managing Hospital Liens For Clients Nationwide

Medical liens are a critical tool for recouping costs. Texas law grants hospitals lien rights to recover costs for treating patients injured by third-party negligence. When properly perfected, the lien attaches to the judgment or settlement of any negligence cause of action involving the injury.

Plaintiff's attorneys are actively trying to eliminate your valid hospital liens through manipulation of Chapter 55 of the Property Code. Plaintiff's attorneys are for the first time aggressively using every attack they can to reduce or eliminate your hospital lien.

Enforcing Your Rights And Protecting Your Interests

At Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, we are a turnkey hospital lien vendor managing hospital lien recovery efforts for trauma facilitates in an attempt to maximize collection from self-pay patients whose injuries were caused by a third party.

By outsourcing the hospital lien effort to Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, you will eliminate the identification and prosecution, and more importantly, allow experienced personal injury attorney to be involved in negotiating with the plaintiff's attorney in this highly adversarial climate for hospital lien recoveries.

We have developed a response to myriad of tactics used by plaintiff's attorneys that will eliminate the attacks and increase your recoveries. Please let us share this response with you.

Enlist An Experienced Legal Ally

Based in Austin, we manage medical lien programs with a meticulous attention to detail. Our clients include trauma facilities and large hospital systems statewide. Utilizing efficient strategies and extensive legal experience, we work tirelessly to ensure swift and full recovery on medical liens.

Clients appreciate the wealth of experience we bring to this area.

With an accomplished career spanning more than 30 years, our lead attorney has vast knowledge of the legal landscape affecting medical liens, including the Texas Property Code and HIPAA requirements. A certified specialist in personal injury trial law through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, lawyer R. Louis Bratton is well-equipped with the advocacy skills essential for enforcing hospital lien rights.

To learn more about our hospital lien and subrogation services, please call 512-477-8772 or contact us online.