Subrogation Claims Involving Security Systems

Security systems don't always function as they should. When they fail, they leave vulnerable the properties they are supposed to protect. Insurers end up bearing the losses resulting from burglaries and break-ins.

In these all-too-common situations, subrogation claims are a means for insurers to hold security or alarm companies accountable. As an insurer, you may be able to recover your losses from the third party whose negligence contributed to the loss.

Protect Your Interests By Partnering With Experienced Subrogation Attorneys

Identifying, analyzing and pursuing subrogation claims requires a strong legal background in this niche area. At Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, we provide knowledgeable representation rooted in more than 30 years of legal experience. Based in Austin, Texas, we handle subrogation claims on behalf of insurers nationwide.

An accomplished trial lawyer, attorney R. Louis Bratton understands the industry and remains up to date on the latest issues.

He maintains connections with organizations such as:

  • Professional Alarm Services Organizations of North America (PASONA)
  • The National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA)
  • The Building Officials & Code Administration International (BOCA)

Our subrogation services include:

  • Identifying and investigating potential subrogation claims
  • Analyzing the enforceability of any clauses waiving subrogation
  • Evaluating potential theories of liability, including negligence, breach of warranty and product liability
  • Negotiating or litigating the claim as necessary to obtain an optimal result

We handle subrogation claims on a contingency fee basis consistent with other vendors. For more information, please contact our firm at 512-477-8772. We have convenient offices in Austin and Port O'Connor, Texas.