Why Partner With A Personal Injury Law Firm?

Subrogation specialists who are not experienced personal injury attorneys are under-prepared to get results.

The subrogation business has been impacted by the complexities of tort reform and the rapidly evolving anti-plan Federal and State common law. State Legislatures and Federal Judges continually attempt to restrict the rights of plans to pursue subrogation. By partnering with a law firm that is dealing on a daily basis with these issues you are assured more productive, prompt results. In addition, plaintiff attorneys can be very adversarial in their client representation and you will be best served if your subrogation specialist is familiar with the types of strategies utilized to minimize or eliminate subrogation claims.

Most subrogation vendors pursue only one type of case.

Subrogation cases should be addressed in the same way as personal injury cases.

Traditional subrogation vendors use software tools that only recognize motor vehicle accidents (MVA). This results in potential subrogation cases going unaddressed in areas as varied as wrongful death, homeowner's claims, construction site accidents, industrial site accidents, burns, etc.

Subrogation cases should be addressed in the same way as personal injury cases.

Subrogation vendors use a single investigation technique to identify potential subrogation claim, a mailer/letter. This mailing requests that a plan participant notify the plan of a pending claim associated with the medical treatment. In addition to mailers, we utilize our expertise in analyzing accident reports, hospital records, police reports and worker's compensation investigations to comprehensively investigate every case and ensure that our client's rate of reimbursement is fair and just. According to the American Trial Lawyers Association, only 10% of plaintiff's are located by subrogation vendors; meaning 90% of personal injury claims prosecuted in the US went unidentified by health plans. Additionally, 20% of personal injury claims are unprosecuted due to the injured party's criminal and/or immigration status, or because they have a relationship with the defendant. The Bratton Firm uses all available avenues to locate potential claims far exceeding the results of traditional vendors